Monthly Archives: December 2012

Well, the End WAS Nigh…

As a kid, I stumbled onto a Nostradamus book my older brother had bought. At 11 or 12 years old, this really messed with my head. I used to think about what it would be like if the world were completely destroyed: no life, no sound, no planets, no lights…just darkness. This thought depressed me endlessly and gave me an overall horrible feeling.

As I got older, I found prophecies and psychic visions to be a bit less than credible, and well, often somewhat silly. I never gave much thought to the notion that the end of the Mayan calendar (today) would bring the end of the world. But I do have to admit that knowing this day is passing by and this idea is being left behind unfulfilled does bring that bit of child left within me just a touch of relief.

Pip seems a little more relaxed as well.


Have Yourself A Scary Little Christmas


There really aren’t enough Christmas horror movies. It’s fun to break out classics like Black Christmas and Silent Night Deadly Night, but it’s also a good time to imagine favorite regular horror movies and creepy classics with a Christmas twist. Thanks to Chloe Carstairs, we have just that chance!