Monthly Archives: December 2011

On 2011…

This year saw some really big changes for me.

  • The theatre – At the end of last year, I wrote about being introduced back into theatre after a very lengthy hiatus.  I was very fortunate this year to have the opportunity to continue acting in several wonderful shows.  It’s been amazing to have a creative outlet, and to have such talented people to work with and learn from.  Best of all, it’s an amazing community to be a part of, and I’ve met many wonderful people and made some really great friends.  This has been such a positive addition to my life, and I’ve been thrilled to be so involved with it.
  • The education – This year, I finally started college.  I’ve worked full-time ever since I graduated high school, and was always hesitant to take on college classes on top of working 40+ hours per week.  But after realizing I’d made it about as far as I can make it in my job without a degree, I bit the bullet and enrolled at UAB.  It’s been a challenge managing the schedule and homework, but I’ve done very well in my classes so far, and it feels good to know that I’m working toward something.  Best of all, I’m studying a field that will help me to progress in my current job and also give me flexibility for other opportunities, and I’m studying theatre as well.
  • The music – Spotify totally changed the way I listen to music this year.  I love having access to so much music, so you never feel like it’s a risk to try something new and different.  I became a fan to great new bands like Dry the River, Bombay Bicycle Club, and Lana Del Rey, while getting reacquainted with Bon Iver and TV On the Radio.  I also got the chance to see Ra Ra Riot, Pepper Rabbit, and Casio Kids play live in town.

Work, school, and theatre took up most of my time, so I didn’t have much time for vacation or a personal life, but with all of the opportunities I’ve had and things I’ve accomplished over the year, I can’t say I have any regrets.  I’m definitely cooking up some exciting new things for 2012, so stay tuned! (photo credit to Steven Ross)