X10: Splinter Cell: Conviction hands-on


Joystiq gives a hands-on report of the Splinter Cell: Conviction demo.  I’ve really been looking forward to this game, and am glad it finally has a solid (?) release date.Their comments sound promising, even with the noted negative of the melodramatic dialogue in the cut scenes.  Sadly, this problem plagues so many video games that I’m kind of used to it.

There you are, old Sam Fisher, minding your own business at some unknown cafe when the waiter brings you a cell phone and Bluetooth earpiece, compliments of the caller. It’s Grim, it’s Third Echelon, and it’s the end of his vacation. Some thugs have managed to upset his vacation — now we know why he’s always carrying 12 rounds and a pistol.

X10: Splinter Cell: Conviction hands-on.


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