Super Quick Movie Reviews #7

Today’s update is a little overdue, but I managed to see some great films over the past couple of weeks.  Here are my thoughts:The Hurt Locker – I really enjoyed this movie and hate that I had to wait so long to see it.  I’d love for Kathryn Bigelow to win the Best Direction Oscar for this.  The way she builds and uses tension in the story is amazing.

Princess Mononoke – All of Miyazaki’s films are great, but I have to admit I liked Howl’s Moving Castle a bit more than this one.La Vie en Rose – While I thought this was a bit too long, Marion Cotillard is really amazing in it.Raging Bull – One of those movies that I should have already seen, but never did.  I have to admit that I didn’t feel really invested in the movie until the scene where Jake’s anger and paranoia boil over, as he accuses Joey (Joe Pesci) of sleeping with his wife.  This scene is brilliant and I was sucked into the story from this point forward.Big Fan – I liked this more than I thought I would.  Robert Siegel, formerly Sr Editor of The Onion, writes and directs a nice, original dark comedy.Nosferatu – I watched the original 1922 silent version by Murnau.  This film really is an amazing feat for it’s time.  It’s very interesting how well they were able to convey such fear and intensity without spoken dialogue.  Plus, Max Schreck is perfect.Taxi Driver – Another film I should have already seen.  It’s interesting to compare this one to Raging Bull and other Scorsese films.  This one has a more subdued feel, but still conveys the same amount of emotion in the story.  One of the things that stuck out the most to me was De Niro’s famous “You talkin’ to me?” scene.  This has become everyone’s “go to” De Niro impression, always becoming comically excessive and overblown.  Seeing the actual scene in the movie really surprised me, as it’s not excessive and ridiculous at all, and is a very simple and honest statement about Travis Bickle’s state of mind.Updated 2/15More Film Reviews

2 responses to “Super Quick Movie Reviews #7

  1. you got your taxi driver in your raging bull review, sir.

  2. Jeez, you’re right. I even put the wrong character’s name in. Shouldn’t have drafted this so late at night. What would I do without you to check my work?All fixed.

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