Project 365 – January Roundup!

As 2009 was drawing to a close, I read a lot about Project 365, where photographers, both amateur and professional, take a photo for every day of the upcoming year.  There are tons of these posted on Flickr, and since I had just gotten a new camera, I decided to try it for myself.It turns out that taking a decent photo every single day is a bit harder than I anticipated.  Since I’m a beginner photographer, some days I’m hurting for ideas.  There are definitely some throwaways included that are clearly just here to keep me from missing a day, but there are actually a few that I’m really proud of.The biggest advantage to this project is getting practice at different shots.  I’ve also been able to draw inspiration from checking out the output of other people posting their project photos on Flickr.  All in all, it’s been a good way to steadily gain experience.See below for some of my favorite shots from January.





See full set on Flickr.


2 responses to “Project 365 – January Roundup!

  1. Very nice, are you using that Cyber Shot for your photos (well except or that one of the camera itself)?

  2. Thanks! I haven’t used the Cybershot much recently. Most of these were taken with a Nikon D3000.

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