Ah, the Apple iPad


Yeah…so the Apple iPad…Announced today.This thing is gorgeous.  The price is less than I anticipated, and the UI just looks amazing.  I’m not going to be buying one of these any time soon, but just may get my hands on one before the year is out.In the meantime, I’ll be here drooling over this.Apple – iPad – The best way to experience the web, email, & photos.


2 responses to “Ah, the Apple iPad

  1. I’m not quite sure I understand this, nor will I until every other person I know has one. This is just a bigger iPhone that you can’t really use for phoning? Or do I tape it to my underdrawers? What is it???

  2. Basically it’s a fancy device that’s bigger than an iPhone but smaller than a laptop and has specialized software that makes it easy/comfortable to read books, web pages, e-mail, etc. From what I understand, it will also shrink my love handles and cure psoriasis.

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