Super Quick Movie Reviews #5

Over New Years (and its requisite recovery time) I didn’t make time to watch as many movies as I normally do in a given week.  Hopefully things will pick back up as life gets back to normal now that the holidays are over.

Sherlock Holmes – As a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ movie, this worked much better than I thought it would.  As a ‘Robert Downy, Jr’ movie, it also works great.  RDJ is a fine actor and puts in a great performance here.  As a ‘Guy Ritchie’ movie, it’s good; not great.  You can see shadows of Ritchie’s gritty style, particularly in fight and action scenes, but it doesn’t have quite the personality of some of his earlier work.  However, I applaud Ritchie for stretching out of his comfort zone and trying a film with a grander scale.  The lowlight of this film is Rachel McAdams.  I have nothing against her, but she could have been swapped out with any equivalent Hollywood actress and would have had the same affect.  An actress with stronger acting chops could have really added something here.

White Night Wedding – Based on the Chekhov play, Ivanov, a professor and a former student in Iceland plan to marry.  Financial disagreements between the families and the professor’s doubts lead to many bumps in the road highlighted by the entertaining members of the wedding party. I wasn’t so into this through the first half, but found myself increasingly involved by the final act.

The Lovers – Another Louis Malle masterpiece.  Here, a bored housewife hosts a dinner party with her husband which her best friend and lover attend.  When the housewife’s car breaks down on the way home to the party, a young archaeologist comes to her aid.  The dinner party becomes more complicated with her husband invites the archaeologist to stay.

La Bête – A controversial twist on the tale of Beauty and the Beast.  This is easily one of the most disturbing films I’ve ever seen.  Watch this one with friends, preparation, and an open mind.

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