2009 – What Made it Worthwhile

For pretty much everyone I know, 2009 was a mixed up year of highs and lows.  Rather than making a dozen posts on my top 10 various things of the year, I decided to take a look back at the good things about 2009 so I can begin 2010 on a positive note.Tuesday Night Film Screenings – Each Tuesday night brought new exposure to foreign and art house cinema as I attended a weekly film screening at my friend Alex’s house.  This provided a great opportunity to forget the stress of work and life and see some great films that I may not have otherwise been able to see.  This also turned me on to the works of Louis Malle, who has become one of my favorite directors.Grizzly Bear and Fleet Foxes – These bands are responsible for 2 of my most played albums of 2009.  They each feature a unique sound, with Grizzly Bear’s arty and moody atmosphere and Fleet Foxes sincere folk.  I love that both of these bands manage to bring something different to the table without being pretentious.Lost – Another weekly tradition (for the first half of the year, anyway) was having friends over to my place to watch the latest episode of Lost.  Looking forward to its final season beginning in February.Ra Ra Riot at Bottletree – I got to see this great band while they were doing a small club tour.  Bottletree is a great place to see a show like this due to it’s small and intimate setting and cool atmosphere.  Ra Ra Riot’s mix of guitars and strings with thoughtful songwriting and energy made this a really memorable show.Seeing Inglourious Basterds – We had a streak over the summer where we saw a movie almost every Sunday night.  The peak of this run was Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds.  Seeing a spaghetti western on a Sunday night in a packed theater reminded me how much fun seeing movies should be.  One of QT’s best, and one of my favorite films of the year.Rock Band Parties – I didn’t know when Rock Band was released years ago that a bunch of plastic musical instruments could bring so much fun to my house, but you mix this game and a house full of friends and good times will ensue.  Hits ranging from System of a Down to Vanilla Fudge blasted from my living room with uproarious laughter as we learned who had skills (and also who didn’t.  Apologies to my neighbors.)Seeing Up in 3D – Pixar’s finest achievement displayed in beautiful but never overpowering 3D.  I was enthralled with this film from beginning to end, and was glad to see it with some great friends.So that pretty much wraps up the best things about 2009.  Stay tuned for my list of who’s cool, and who can piss off!


One response to “2009 – What Made it Worthwhile

  1. Great list and I need to check out those bands you mentioned….

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