Super Quick Movie Reviews #1

I watch a LOT of movies, so rather than doing a full review for all of them, I’m going to list each movie I’ve seen over the past few days and give a few thoughts on each one. I’ll try to do this periodically to show a good sample of the types of movies that interest me or that have come highly recommended by friends of mine.

Fantastic Mr. Fox – I’ve heard several people say this is Wes Anderson’s best film since The Royal Tenenbaums. I’ve got to agree. It’s creative and unique filmmaking without losing any of Anderson’s quirky sense of humor.

Wonder Boys – I hadn’t seen this since its original release, so I decided to watch it again. It’s really a fun movie, and has a great Robert Downey, Jr. performance, from when he was trying to prove that he still had it in him.  It’s inspired me to go back and read the book (or at the very least, add it to my list of books to read).

The Girlfriend Experience – A very nice looking movie, but it didn’t really win me over.  I’m not a big Soderbergh fan anyway, but I gave it a shot.

Kicking and Screaming (the 1995 Noah Baumbach film, not the Will Ferrell one) – While some of the dialogue is appallingly pretentious (as if Baumbach pondered to himself, “What would cool people say”, and then made a heavy-handed attempt to write what he thinks cool people might say, even though he didn’t seem to have a clue), the characters and the story itself make this a watchable film that’s easy to identify with. (Note that Noah Baumbach also wrote the screenplay to Fantastic Mr. Fox with Wes Anderson.)

Solo Con Tu Pareja – an early film from one of my favorite directors, Alfonso Cuarón. A story of relationships, sex, and ego. Perhaps a little over the top, but it’s interesting to see Cuarón’s style in its early stages.


2 responses to “Super Quick Movie Reviews #1

  1. Yeah! Wonder Boys! "Here comes the puberty police now!"

  2. Ha! I wonder what Vernon Hardapple would have to say about that!

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