Robin Pecknold Answers Questions About the Next Fleet Foxes Album


I’m a huge fan of the Fleet Foxes first full-length album.  After listening to it for most of the year, I’m anxious to hear what they’ll do next.  Thanks to Pitchfork, I now have some idea:

Pitchfork: How would you say that the new songs you’re writing are different from the first album?

RP: I think they’re less poppy. I listened to the first record again, and I was kind of nonplussed. Some of it I was into, or I could see why we did that at that time. But some of it we would just never do again.

Pitchfork: Like what?

RP: Some of the more upbeat stuff. There are definitely super-upbeat songs that are being worked on for the new record. But as a whole, it’s probably a little bit less upbeat. Not darker– some of it has a more exuberant feeling to it. But some of it is just more realistic. When I was listening to the first album, it was kind of like research. I was listening to the record for the first time in a really long time. When I was listening to it, I felt like I didn’t get a chance to breathe. There was a lot of “too upbeat.” I guess people think we’re already kind of a mellow band, so maybe the next album will be pretty boring to most people.

Pitchfork: Do you think it will be more restrained?

RP: I think it will just be a different feeling instead of mellow. But positive– it will just be a different feeling from that. Different chord shapes, some extended. On the first record, I kind of wanted to avoid any extended grooves. But there’s definitely a couple of those coming in now, where the guitar part almost sounds like it could be a sample, just because it’s kind of repetitive, and then just kind of a groove built around that part.

Visit Pitchfork for the full interview.


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